About Us

Bondi Family Practice

In today’s world many people feel the pressure of everyday living while juggling work, family, financial strains and many other demands on themselves. The burden of ill health can be very difficult to manage. Finding a GP who will act as your primary health carer, that one person you can trust with your health, can be a difficult task.

We follow the principle that it is not enough that your GP is well trained and informed in the medical field, but they also have to be compassionate and genuinely caring.

As everyone’s needs are unique even while enjoying good health, they are even more so at times of illness and distress. Thus the need to respond with a personal touch is essential.

What we're about

Our values

We are here to remind you and instruct you in the prevention of illness, to guide you through the diagnosis and treatment, to celebrate with you when you overcome your illness and disability and to support you in your grief when no cure is possible.

We endeavour to establish an honest, mutually respectful and collaborative relationship with our patients and we are happy to provide support if a second opinion or referral to another health professional seems appropriate.

Our Approach

While we strive to keep up to date with the ongoing medical advances through our continuing professional development, we are also aware that modern medicine does not necessarily have all the answers. As such we keep an open mind and support our patients who chose to include an integrative approach to health care.

We continue to be fascinated by the miracle of life and complexity of human biology, psychology, lifestyles and their unique expression in every person. We acknowledge that similar conditions can trigger very different needs in different patients and therefore require a different approach. As such we take a holistic approach to medicine, embracing your background, history, circumstances and personal beliefs, working with you to create the most suitable plan for managing your health.