Ocean Medical Practice is an appointment based private billing practice. New patients and walk-ins are welcome.


Practice fee

Short Consultation (up to 10 mins, not complex)

($17.90 medicare rebate)

Practice fee

Standard Consultation (up to 20 mins, less complex)

($39.10 medicare rebate)

Practice fee

Long Consultation, more complex (usually 20-30 mins)

($75.75 medicare rebate)

Practice Fee

Extended Consultation (complex, usually more than 40 mins)

($111.50 medicare rebate)

Comprehensive Health Check Up

Extended, Complex (1 hour)

($111.50 medicare rebate)

Initial Antenatal Assessment and Referral

1 hour

($111.50 medicare rebate)

Appointment Informtation

Please read this before booking your appointment

If you have complex or multiple issues to discuss please book a longer appointment so that we have adequate time to discuss these thoroughly.

PLEASE NOTE: Test results are generally not given over the telephone. It is essential that these results are interpreted and explained correctly, avoiding any possible miscommunication and making sure appropriate follow up is arranged. Therefore it is our obligation to convey these results to you in person and provide you with opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

We are happily accepting new patients.

If you like you can complete the New Patient Registration form and bring this with you or it can be completed at the surgery on the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you send my claim through to Medicare?

Yes, if you have provided a valid Medicare card number your claim will be processed alongside the payment of your private bill.

2. Are there exceptions to the private billing?

We are a private practice and all patients will be billed privately unless the doctor has stated otherwise. Children under the age of 16 will always be bulk billed.

3. Do I need to come in for a follow up after results?

The best possible care for you is our first priority. It is essential that results are interpreted and explained correctly, avoiding any possible miscommunication and making sure the appropriate follow up is arranged for you.

4. Can I get my test results over the phone?

If you qualify for a telehealth appointment you can schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your results over the phone.

5. Will I be reminded of my appointment?

If you have provided a valid mobile phone number, you will receive an SMS 24hours prior to your appointment. Please reply with a simple Yes or No answer to confirm or cancel.

5. Do I need to make an appointment for a Prescription or referral?

Yes you will need to schedule an appointment, please speak with one of our friendly reception staff about the times available. If you are an existing patient and it is a repeat referral or script, your visit will be bulk billed.